6. September 2021

EXPO-NET Resin Flow Mesh Products

EXPO-NET resin flow mesh products save time and cost for wind turbine blade manufacturers

Specialist wind energy rotor blade producers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have discovered the benefits of working with EXPO-NET Danmark A/S and our supply chain partners to ensure right first-time quality mouldings, while also saving time and money by maximizing productivity and minimizing costs. All EXPO-NET products are 100% recyclable. Our custom made flat and tubular plastic resin flow mesh products have proved vital to ensure the high-quality vacuum infused moulding of wind blades and a wide variety of other large fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) composite parts.

The two key functions of plastic flow mesh products are to consistently ensure the rapid spread of the infusion resin throughout the composite component being moulded, and to enable the efficient removal of air to avoid voids in the FRP laminate system. To achieve this, one or more resin flow meshes are specified as part of the vacuum bagging infusion dry layup system placed in the mould tool prior to infusion.

Composite Resin Infusion 

Not using flow mesh products significantly increases the likelihood of reject parts being produced due to premature resins hardening, resulting in dry laminate sections and trapped air voids. As wind turbine blades are now exceeding 100 metres long, these production problems are more likely to occur, which can be avoided by working with us and using resin flow mesh products tailored for your specific needs.

At the end of the infusion process, all non-integral resin flow mesh products are removed along with the release films and peel plies.

EXPO-NET has been supplying wind energy customers for more than 25 years. We have a deep technical understanding and knowledge of polymers, plastic net production and the resin infusion processes used to mould FRP composite wind blades. EXPO-NET has an international reputation with leading wind blade manufacturers as a reliable, innovative, problem solving ‘go to’ partner for customized resin flow mesh products, which are specified by leading OEMs at the new blade product development stage. Once approved, our flow mesh products are globally supplied wherever blades are produced.

EXPO-NET is a key preferred supplier to a wide variety of customers and markets worldwide, selling both directly and via approved supply chain distributors and kitting partners. The EXPO-NET team prides itself on being flexible and responsive, providing innovative technical support, customized products and a reliable delivery service that meets individual customer needs.

Being acutely aware of the need to help address global climate change, EXPO-NET has an ongoing proactive business commitment to manufacture more sustainable products and reduce its CO2 footprint. To read the full article, go to Downloads, tick Composites and find the article "Wind Sector Application Story".