We are Certificed and Approved

We have all necessary certifications to supply netting to the food industry, but we also offer sustainable nets and netting for packaging of nonfood items We have all necessary certifications to supply netting to the food industry, but we also offer sustainable nets and netting for packaging of non- food items.
Our nettting is decorative, protective and versatile, and it runs efficiently on both semi and fully automatic packaging machines.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As an addition to our BRC certification, we decided to go along with ISO 9001. 

We now hold a certificate declaring that our quality management system fulfills the requirement of ISO 9001:2015.

If you are looking for further details regarding ISO 9001 certification or certifications in general, we recommend that you visit Kiwa's website: www.kiwa.com 

BRC Certified

As one of the few companies in Europe within our sector, EXPO-NET Denmark A/S is certified and approved in accordance with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard – Food Packaging and other Packaging Materials Issue 5, which documents our commitment to maintaining product safety, hygiene and quality control in full compliance with the strictest standards of the market.

If you would like further information, we recommend that you visit the following websites:
www.brcdirectory.com to see the certified companies
www.ukas.com, www.kiwa.co.uk or www.brc.org.uk to read more about the actual certification.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.
We are unfortunately not able to fill in questionnaires concerning REACH as we cannot provided you with further information than given here.

See the list of registered substances.
See the list of pre-registered substances.
See the SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern)
See EXPO-NET's REACH Compliance Declaration.


In the beginning of 2012 EXPO-NET Danmark A/S sent an application to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. We applied to be registered as a manufacturer of materials with food contact because this, in our opinion, was very relevant and supports our BRC certification. We are now very proud to be able to call ourselves a third party certified company with elite-smiley status. To see our latest inspection report, please click on the link below.



AAA - Highest Creditworthiness

EXPO-NET Danmark A/S have for a number of years been rated with the highest creditworthiness – AAA. In order to achieve this rating, a company has to meet certain criteria – e.g. have a turnover of a specific value, have been operating for minimum 10 years, have key financial performance indicators that are considerably higher than the average within the same business sector. We are proud that we once again have been rated AAA.

Based on Bisno's credit rating system, we are a creditworthy company. The assessment is based on a number of different decisive rules. The information is updated daily via the Bisnode database. The credit rating of the company is thus always current.

Net Which Protects

Decorative Protection

Besides protecting against getting chipped or broken bottles during transportation, you also get a decorative packaging when displaying bottles in shops – and the nets are reusable again and again.

Net for Fragile Machine Parts

Protection of Objects

Our net is a perfect solution for protection of objects in danger of being damaged or shaken as the net easily can be pulled over the object as a protective ”stocking”. We offer advice regarding our wide selection of diameters and colours.

Fat Ball for Birds in the Garden

Animal Feeding

Summer or winter, birds are to be found in the garden; and they need food. Fat balls are a real treat for the birds, and the special structure of our nets makes it easy for the bird to eat while holding on to the fat ball. We give free guidance regarding available types and colours.

Net Which Displays the Content

Net for Packaging Processes

Our customers understands the importance of being able to display products. Products packaged in our nets allows the end-user to see and feel the product, whilst enhancing and protecting the goods . We offer free and non-binding advice regarding our extensive range, colours and sizes.

Rolls, Cut Pieces or Sealed Bags

Net in Cut Pieces

All our packaging nets are available in different colours and sizes, and can be supplied in reels or as precut pieces in requested lengths – many are available as sealed bags. Contact us to get free consultation regarding the exact type for your project.