Aquaculture - Shellfish Farming

Our nets, bags and sleeves are different ranges of extruded products suitable for different areas of shellfish farming. Contact us to learn more regarding these flexible, strong tailor-made products and find out how we can help you improving the growth environment in your shellfish farm.

Extruded, flexible nets suitable for mussel farming

Shellfish Pole Nets

Our range of Shellfish Pole Nets are tubular nets with a rhombic form. These nets are specially designed for the pole culture (Bouchot)

Protection of mussels growing on poles

Anti-predator Nets

This particular range offers a number of different characteristics - all minded for mussels growing on poles (Bouchot poles). We offer soft and stretchable nets following the shape of the poles or simi-rigid nets to be mounted with spacers.

Bags and sleeves used in

Oyster Bags & Sleeves

Our range of Oyster Bags & Sleeves are used in areas, where the oysters are held in mesh containers for protective reasons as the oysters would not survive on the bottom.

Nets used for trapping seafood and shellfish

Square Nets for Traps & Hatches

This range of square nets are special-designed for the making of traps, cages and hatches to catch shellfish. Contact us to learn more.