Wastewater Treatment
Our biological filter media BIO-BLOK® is utilized in both aerobic and anaerobic systems world-wide. Explore the various fields of application.
Packaging – Food Products
We are BRC certified and one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality, cost effective packaging nets. Our focus is on product safety, hygiene and quality control.
Filtration & HVAC
Our customised eco-friendly, filtration cores, cages and nets are essential components with construction of many filtration and HVAC systems - we offer guidance in developing and choosing the right solution for your specific application.
Have a look at some of the diversity of applications for which our range of BIO-BLOK® types can be used for treatment of biogas.
Packaging - Nonfood
Packaging nets have a wide field of applications beyond food, for packaging and protection of different types of nonfood items - get inspiration here.
You will find a number of standard products included in our wide range of products for the industrial sector, however, we also have extensive experience in developing bespoke and tailor-made products exactly to our customers needs.
Cleaning, aeration, degassing etc. - we supply BIO-BLOK® filter media for all types of fish farms as an example - environmental, turnkey systems (RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture Systems).
Civils & Construction
We offer a free design consultation regarding the use of our products for small or major projects within road construction, noise reduction, snow drifting as well as for marking and protection of cables and pipes.
We also offer a wide range of products used for marking and/or warning of fibre optic and electricity cables. Read more about our nets with or without text and detectable wire.
We are recognized for our expertise in offering unique solutions to traditional composite structures. Contact us to learn more about our various solutions.
Agriculture & Horticulture
Are you looking for a way to keep snow and rainwater away or animals out, or do you simply want to protect your crops or a young tree, we have the perfect solution.
Home & Garden
Are you experiencing problems with too much water on your ground, leaves in your gutters or drifting snow in your attic? We are available with free and non-binding consultation on sustainable solutions.