Marking Net - with or without detectable wire

We manufacturer a range of brightly coloured, durable, polypropylene nets, designed specifically to be "caught" by the excavator as a warning when pipes or cables are placed below.
We offer free advise regarding our selection of colours, widths and texts.

Detectable Wire Which Identifies

Marking with Detectable Wire

Marking net with detectable wire offers the added advantage of a stainless steel wire running the whole length of the net which means that the cables can be detected even before excavation starts by the use of cable avoidance tooling. We offer a wide selection of standard products and have the ability to customize to specific requirements.

Different Colours, Widths and Texts

Marking with Text

Both marking net and detectable marking net can be printed with customized warning messages along the entire length of the net. Contact us for further information and guidance.

Our M10 types are produced according to the DS/EN 12613:2001.t.