Agriculture & Horticulture

Do wild animals or birds harm your plants and crops? Is your driveway blocked with snow in wintertime? Are you facing rainwater problems and are looking for a sustainable way of channeling the water back into a natural water cycle? We have solutions to all these problems.

Maximum Protection of Trees and Vines

Tree Guards, Treeflex & Vine Net

If your trees and plants look like this, do not hesitate to contact us. Our tree guards and vine nets are designed to provided the best possible growing conditions for trees and vines.

Net to Prevent

Snow and Bird Barrier

If looking for an effective solution to the problem of snow, birds and large insects entering the attic, we recommend our universal solution – our snow and bird barriers B6 and B9. Both types can be used at the roof edge as well as along the ridge.

Net as Fencing

Snow Fencing

Drifting snow along roads and in airport areas, or sand drifting along the coasts – we recommend our snow fencing which for decades has been used by most Danish municipalities to stop drifting.

Net Which Lives up to Animal Welfare Requirements


Experience has proven that fresh air gives healthy animals. Modern barns and stables are therefore constructed with natural ventilation. We offer guidance regarding our various types for this application.