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Are you all too familiar with blocked gutters and drifting snow at the attic, or are you facing problems with rainwater on your ground? Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer free consultation and effective solutions.

Net Which Protects

Gutter Nets and Tubes

Are you feed up with gutters being blocked with leaves? We have the perfect problem solver - and use of tools is not even necessary.

Net to Prevent

Snow and Bird Barrier

If looking for an effective solution to the problem of snow, birds and large insects entering the attic, we recommend our universal solution – our snow and bird barriers B6 and B9. Both types can be used at the roof edge as well as along the ridge.

Net For Fencing

Garden Fencing

Do you want to keep you dog inside your garden, or do you have a beautiful natural plot which you want to protect – but you want to avoid doing at lot of maintenance – we recommend our environmentally and UV stable garden fencing.

Net to Prevent Insects

Insect Netting

On a nice and sunny day when you need fresh air circulation in your house, mosquitoes, flies and other insects are a real nuisance. Our insect netting is very suited for construction of mosquito windows and insect doors. We give advice regarding the right type of netting.