Net Underground

We offer tailor-made products when it comes to reinforcing open-air car parks, marking polluted areas, or handling rain and waste water percolation.

Net Underground


Does the risk of soil erosion exist, or is a solid foundation for the surface of the road reinforcement necessary, we offer a selection of reinforcement nets suitable for these applications.

Net Underground

Warning and Marking

When excavating the ground you may encounter the ”culprits” of the past, and it is not always possible to remove all polluted earth. Our environmental net is recommend to be used for marking the separation line between new, clean earth and old, possibly polluted earth.

Various colours, widhts and texts

Marking with Text

Besides our yellow environmental net, our product range also includes robust, highly coloured marker net used for warning of the position of pipes and cables. These nets are available in a variety of widths, with or without text and with or without wire.

Our M10 types are produced according to the DS/EN 12613:2001.t.

Lokal Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD Systems) with BIO-BLOK® drywell

Local Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is a valuable recourse and with relatively simple methods using the BIO-BLOK® rainwater drywell, the rain water can be channeled back into a natural water cycle. The principle is called water sensitive urban design (WSUD), contact us for further information about this sustainable solution.



Spreadsheet for calculation

EXPO-NET has developed an Excel Spreadsheet for calculating the dimensioning of BIO-BLOK® rain water drywells. The Excel Spreadsheet can calculate the use of BIO-BLOK® elements for five different types of soil - coarse sand, fine sand, silt, sandy clay and silty clay.

The Excel Spreadsheet is available for download by clicking on the link. It is a good idea to save the Excel Spreadsheet before use.

The calculations are in accordance with Publication no 25 of the Danish Wastewater Committee. The values of 10-7 m/sec. are estimated by extending the current charts.

The drywells are dimensioned on the basis of an expected overload of maximum once per year (T = 1 year).

Before you open the Excel Spreadsheet for the first time you must ensure that the security settings in Excel are correct.

The Security Level must be set at "Medium". This can be done by opening the Excel application, the go to "Tools" in the main menu, select "Options" and go to the "Security" tab - click on the "Macro Security" button and under the "Security Level" tab, select "Medium".

The Excel Spreadsheet ca not be opened. Remember that you must open the Excel Spreadsheet "With Macros" in order to activate the formulae that perform the calculations. 

We draw your attention to the fact that use of the Excel Spreadsheet is at your own risk.

Optimum treatment and percolation by means of BIO-BLOK®

Percolation of Wastewater

Percolation of wastewater by means of BIO-BLOK® - A unique solution that ensures optimum biological treatment of wastewater and optimum percolation into the ground. We offer free and non-binding advise in connection with dimensioning of a solution for wastewater percolation on wetland.