Net Underground

We offer tailor-made products when it comes to reinforcing open-air car parks, marking polluted areas, or handling rain and waste water percolation.

Net Underground


Does the risk of soil erosion exist, or is a solid foundation for the surface of the road reinforcement necessary, we offer a selection of reinforcement nets suitable for these applications.

Net Underground

Warning and Marking

When excavating the ground you may encounter the ”culprits” of the past, and it is not always possible to remove all polluted earth. Our environmental net is recommend to be used for marking the separation line between new, clean earth and old, possibly polluted earth.

Various colours, widhts and texts

Marking with Text

Besides our yellow environmental net, our product range also includes robust, highly coloured marker net used for warning of the position of pipes and cables. These nets are available in a variety of widths, with or without text and with or without wire.

Our M10 types are produced according to the DS/EN 12613:2001.t.