Aerobic Systems with BIO-BLOK®

Within the biological treatment of wastewater, you will find a number of different technologies and solutions. We recommend different solutions for use of our BIO-BLOK® filter media in aerobic (oxygen rich) systems. 


Submerged, Aerated Systems

The use of submerged, aerated filters (SAF) is widespread worldwide. Our BIO-BLOK® filter media can be used in connection with decomposition of different types of substances present in the wastewater. We offer free and non-committal consultation regarding the choice of type and dimensioning of filter media for the treatment plant in question.

Contact Filtration with BIO-BLOK®

Contact Filtration

It is a well-known fact that construction of large-scale sedimentation tanks can be a very costly investment. It is therefore far more economic and more efficient to establish contact filtration - possibly with a subsequent micro filtration. Learn more about this cost-saving solution.

Different Sizes of Trickling Filter Constructed with BIO-BLOK®

Trickling Filters

Are you about to build a new trickling filter, or do you want to refurbish your existing trickling filter? Our BIO-BLOK® filter media is an obvious, efficient choice when it comes to biological treatment of wastewater; and we are able to support with guidance regarding dimensioning of the filter media.

Rotor Filter with BIO-BLOK®

Rotor Filter

The BIO-BLOK® filter media is also perfect if you prefer a rotor filter which is a combination of a submerged, aerated filter and a trickling filter.

Aeration or Degassing by Means of BIO-BLOK®

Aeration/Degassing of Water

Aeration or degassing of treated wastewater is yet another application that can be used in all wastewater treatment plants - and with significant environmental advantage. We give advice about use of BIO-BLOK® filter media for this application.