Filtration & HVAC

Our filter cores and cages as well as our flat nets are an important component in innumerous forms of filtration and HVAC systems (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Contact us to learn more regarding our flexible, innovative, customer-driven product development and how we can assist you.

Tubes as Outer Cages or Inner Cores in Filter cartridges

Filtration - Tubes

Our rigid tubes are suitable for the manufacture of both air and liquid filter cartridges. Regardless of the filter media, our products offer strength, support and protection. Supplied in a broad range of diameters, weights, thicknesses, aperture sizes and lengths our tubes can be used as both inner cores and outer cages. All our products are manufactured to customer’s specific requirements. Our polymers are suitable for use in filters manufactured for food applications.

Additional Protection of Filter Cartridges

Filtration - Net

Our flexible tubular netting is supplied in various structures to be used as an alternative outer layer on filter cartridges. The net is an integral part of the filter cartridge offering cost effective protection for the filter media. Available in reels or cut pieces in various diameters and colours.

Net Which Creates Space and Supports


Our range of pleat support meshes are available in many widths and structures. The nets are used within the production of pleated cartridge filters. Our specially designed products allow increased surface area and dimensional stability to the filter media. The structure of our nets provide separation to allow flow between filtration membranes. For further information please contact us.