Many years of experience and expertise 

For more than 30 years we have manufactured and supplied a range of BIO-BLOK® filter media for the aquaculture sector.
Our BIO-BLOK® filter media are therefore among the most thoroughly tested products within the business.
We offer free design consultation.

12 good reasons why you should choose BIO-BLOK® in aquaculture


Made from the environmentally friendly material - Polyethylene, 100% recyclable - contains no PVC compounds or glue.


Easy to install and fit into any size or shape of bio-reactor or tank.


Biologically and chemically non-degradable.


Increased efficiency, reduced costs.


The BIO-BLOK® products are self-supporting.

Good aeration

High porosity ensures sufficient aeration.


Very resistant to deformation. The BIO-BLOK® products are so strong that you can walk and work freely on the filter media.


Self-cleaning, does not clog.


Unique design and surface structure enhances development of bio-film.


Extremely efficient, stable and reliable during operation.


Easy to handle, modular and lightweight.


Does not degrade when exposed to sunlight.

Clearing, aeration, degassing etc.

BIO-BLOK® in Aquaculture

We have for many years supplied fixed film media for all large, leading producers of turnkey recirculating systems. These Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) have been installed "world-wide" and are capable of producing all forms of fish farming without harming the surroundings.

Aeration and degassing with BIO-BLOK®

Aeration/Degassing of Water

If you want to have the most optimum growing conditions for your fish, aeration and degassing of the fishfarm water are extremely important elements of the water treatment in order to achieve optimum growth.